Various information offer services using the online-communications system,
   and manufacture and sale of information processing
Strategy planning in business, marketing, information design Application development
   and integration management
The total solution service in connection with the above, and trust/vicarious execution of back-office
     operations (until it results in development, employment and management,maintenance,education,
     and outsourcing)
Information providing service business.
Planning, developing, and selling computer systems,applications, and homepages.
Sales on consignment and outsourcing of above mentioned items.
Personal computer school administrations.(in Japan)
Internet e-commerce business.
Advertisement agency business.
Trading and selling general merchandises.
Transacting any and all other lawful business including but not limited to import and export
   operations and trade, retail sales, and travel agency operations for which corparations may be
   incorporated under Chapter 414, Hawaii Revised Statutes, as amended, in its corporate capacity,
   in a partnership status, as part of a joint venture or in any other capacity.