Corporate Outline
Enterprise Purpose
HomePage/Web-Site Creation
  Construction of the homepage and website suitable for a visitor's needs is performed.
  With today,the advertisement in the Internet competes with the mass media,such as
  television, a magazine, and a newspaper, it will grow.
  And information can be sent not only towards a specific area but towards the world.
  Moreover, how much is advertisement expense per a month now?
  WebSite construction can be performed very cheaply.
EC-Site Creation
  EC site construction is roughly classified into a "ShoppingMall-Type" and
  a "Developed-Type",and a Merit & Demerit is in each. Although a beginner can also
  start easily the "ShoppingMall-Type" represented by Yahoo!Shopping,
  the site of a similar atmosphere will increase from systematic restrictions.
  Moreover, although it can build flexibly since a "Developed-Type" is developed
  according to a request,starting takes time and development expense also increases.
  And, it is greatly influenced by the skill of a work company whether a satisfactory
  thing is completed.
  However, it succeeded in realizing construction of EC site of rich peculiarity,
  holding down the time and expense which start development by combining flexibly
  the Web-Application module parts for EC sites which our company has.
  Moreover, the hearing tool and market research of the fullness which our company
  cultivated from many old actual results do the help of the purpose realization
  from concept planning of a visitor for the increase of income which is
  the purpose of original of EC site.
FLASH Site Creation
  Our company proposed the improvement in "Web-design" and improvement
  in "Functionality" for various WebSite/HomePage by Flash Application.
  The attractive site construction to a consumer user,the improvement
  in the functionality of WebSite/HomePage,and differentiation of
  the other company's WebSite/HomePage is connected with a collection visitor.
  The WebSite/HomePage construction by Flash is becoming an important keyword.
Overseas Package Agency Contract
  We will support the Japanese market deployment of software package except Japan.
   □「.com 」Site OPEN!!
Business deployment!!
  We want to undertake
  various Internet enterprises
  in Hawaii as the base.

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Our Concepts !!
   ○  Speedy
   ○  Quality
   ○  Usability(Userbility)

  A solution/development of various
  systems are offered based on the
  above-mentioned concept.